Calibration & Repair Service

Ensure your load monitoring equipment is performing at its best

Just like any other calibrated measuring instrument in your company, load monitoring equipment will need to be regularly maintained and will require re-calibration at recommended 12 month intervals.  This is not only essential to ensure that you continue to benefit from the protection of the press and tool for which your load monitoring equipment was purchased, but it is also often a requirement of internal quality control systems.

At Titan, we are committed to keeping your load monitors in good working order and we are therefore able to offer a comprehensive recalibration and repair service at very competitive rates.

Our engineers are able to carry out calibrations on many makes and models of load monitoring equipment.  Some of our Engineers have over 30 years of experience in this field, so the quality of service and expertise we are able to offer is second to none.

All calibrations are carried out using our own precision calibrated load cells to ensure utmost accuracy and repeatability.

After re-calibration, you will receive full calibration reports, showing the results for the monitor and press which will give your production engineers the confidence they require when running production.

As part of the annual calibration service, Titan carry out the following checks:-

  • Correct operation of load monitor
  • Perform a dynamic calibration of the load monitor
  • Verify the load monitor can stop the press when in a fault condition

In addition to these vital checks, during a load monitor calibration, Titan can also provide a measure of:-

  • Slide parallelism (on suitable presses)
  • Ability of press to produce rated tonnage
  • Ability of press to sustain rated tonnage
  • Hydraulic overload operating tonnage check

Titan also offer a repair and maintenance service for many makes and models of load monitoring equipment.

Contact our Service Department for a competitive quotation or alternatively, telephone us on 01384 392266 to discuss your requirements.