Reconditioned Stock Equipment

Reconditioned Load Monitors – A low cost solution to Load Monitoring Problems

Available Stock as of April 2016

In addition to Titan’s own range of UK manufactured load monitoring products, we also have available a limited number of fully reconditioned load monitors. These offer customers seeking to minimise the cost of monitoring, a cheaper alternative to purchasing one of our newly designed and manufactured products.

All used monitors have been fully reconditioned by ourselves to the highest standards and we currently have available:-

140 Series Load Monitor – Fully reconditioned by Titan

140 series load monitor
  • Provides Overload and Underload Protection
  • Supplied with:-
  • New force sensors
  • Mounting hardware
  • Operating Manual
  • Installed by one of Titan’s experienced Engineers
  • Three units available
  • Competitively Priced

A traditional load monitor providing reliable protection for both press and tooling.  Designed to be quick and easy to use, giving anyone the facility to protect both machine and tooling from damage.

The 140 will measure load and monitor for Overload and Underload on any single-point, open-front press or straight-sided press.

The monitor is supplied with robust piezoelectric sensors to mount on the press frame.  Analogue meters indicate the peak load on the press as a percentage of rated press capacity.  Monitor dials, also graduated in percent, set the overload and underload trip points and are adjustable to suit the tool being used.

An output relay in the monitor will de-energise in the event of an overload, underload or fault condition.  This is used to stop the press in Top Stop or Master Stop circuits, thus preventing any further operation of the press.

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