Titan Load Monitors

The ideal solution to enable you to get the most from your power press by ensuring that it is operating at the correct tonnage.

Key Features of Titan Load Monitors include:-

  • Colour LCD display and easy to use touch screen.
  • Main Screen which gives an overview of the complete system, with the option to set up or view specific features.
  • Tool Library which stores settings for each tool or die, enabling quicker and more reliable changes. (Automatic tool recognition which loads the appropriate setting as each tool is fitted in the press can be added as an option).
  • Batch and Job Counters.
  • Maximum press load fixed and adjustable loads for production tools.
  • Offers the flexibility to set a Tonnage Window to allow for small tonnage changes due to variations in material, whilst still stopping the press, should the tonnage increase or drop below the desired window. (This facility enables tooling loads to be checked, along with offset loads. Any increase in tonnage as tooling wears can be clearly seen, allowing tool regrinds to be planned before expensive tool failure occurs, thus reducing downtime).
  • Single Channel, Two Channel or Four Channel options available which include one, two or four Piezo Sensors, as appropriate.
  • Can be interfaced to Press Control System.  (Software packages available for tonnage monitoring; production information and data gathering).
  • Can be adapted to suit specific customer requirements.
  • Installed and calibrated by Titan Engineers.
  • Full UK manufacturer’s 12 month warranty from date of commissioning.

Contact our Sales Department on 01384 392266 for more information or email sales@titanmonitoring.co.uk