Product Overview

Stand-alone load monitors to comprehensive packages

Titan can offer a full range of load monitoring solutions, from stand-alone load monitors to comprehensive packages that can be individually designed and configured to suit your specific requirements.

Our innovative products can help you to achieve optimum performance from your press - immediate diagnosis of load faults ensures greater accuracy when producing components, resulting in less scrap parts and downtime and making sure that your press is operating at the desired tonnage reduces maintenance costs and prolongs the life of both tool and press.

Accurate load information also allows offset loads to be correctly balanced, meaning the press and die will operate more efficiently and again, maintenance will be reduced.

We can provide load monitoring solutions to suit most makes and models of press including C-frame, straight-side, double action, multiple-stage transfer and hydraulic..

Our product range includes:-

Each of these can be purchased separately as a single stand-alone system or packaged in any combination to suit your requirements.

All Titan load monitoring equipment is manufactured by us at our Stourbridge facility and is supplied with a full UK manufacturer’s warranty for 12 months from the date of commissioning.

Installation is carried out by Titan Engineers and all equipment is calibrated as part of the commissioning process.